Cannabis Loans And Dispensary Loans

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This is what many banks or lenders look at when applying for cannabis loans, dispensary loans, or other green working capital 


Income : this can be defined as the present and future Revenue and Sales from the business as shown through the deposits and available balances on the Bank Statements, along with the Financial Statements and Tax Returns of the business and person(s). (obviously if you had cash you wouldn’t need Cannabis Loans!) dispensary loans cannabis financing

Collateral : this can be defined as a something tangible than can pledged as security for repayment of loans, to be forfeited in the event of a default for example Real Estate Property is the most common form of collateral.

Credit Score: a number assigned to a person that indicates to lenders their capacity to repay  loans. Credit scores typically range from 300 (poor) to 850 (Excellent).

Startup funding for Cannabis Loans for a Startup Cannabis company is almost non-existent in the traditional banking industry. Traditional banks and Lenders will typically only approve a business loan or line of credit for roughly 10-20% max of the yearly gross revenue that the business made the year before.   – Almost every major savings and loan bank in the US.

We all know that banks are not even entertaining lending to cannabis related businesses. They don’t even want your money deposited! 

Don’t have time for red tape and aren’t interested in hearing “NO” again?

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Our cannabis funding solutions are unique and can assist cannabis startup businesses or existing business that need working capital. 


This table gives a short summary to the Underwriting Guidelines for Cannabis Credit Lines for obtaining Cannabis Loans:


Underwriting Requirements to Get Approved

Cannabis Credit Lines

Other lenders

Good Personal Credit Score (Minimum 700 and above)



Funding Up to $250K *per borrower



Introductory Interest of 0% for 18 Months



Collateral (Secured)

Not required


Personal and Business Tax Returns

Not required


Bank Statements

Not required


Balance Sheet

Not required


Profit and Loss Statement

Not required


Personal Financial Statement

Not required


Subject to Annual Review

Not required



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Some types of Cannabis Businesses that we have served and loans we provide are:

Cannabis Producers

Cannabis Processors

Cannabis Retailers

Edibles Sellers

CBD and Hemp Beauty and Health Products

Cannabis Security and Delivery Services

Dispensary Loans

CBD Producers

CBD Products

Hemp Products and Hemp Applications

Cannabis Business Loans

Marijuana Business Loans

Marijuana Loans / Cannabis Loan

Cannabis Industry Loans

Cannabis Industry Financing

Marijuana Industry Loans

Start Up Business Funding

Start Up Business Loans

Startup Funding

Startup Loan


Hemp Business Loan

CBD Business Loan

CBD Funding

Hemp Funding

Hemp Manufacturing Loan

Cannabis Equipment Financing

Marijuana Equipment Financing

Cannabis Equipment Lease