Cannabis Loans: Companies That Fund Cannabis Startups

cannabis loans

Companies that offer cannabis loans are busier than ever before. Legalization seems imminent in the United States. Massive economic opportunities are projected and there is room for everyone to build and make profits. 

Federal law prevents many entrepreneurs from obtaining investment capital for launching a startup cannabis business. Traditional bank loans are not granted for cannabis businesses because cannabis is still scheduled as an illegal drug, like cocaine. That means that the FDIC will not insure the cannabis loans, and so they are not available. 

SBA (Small Business Administration) loans have so many requirements including time in business, credit score, annual revenue, and more. A lot of red tape! Lines of credit from big banks are also a pain to deal with. They require at least 1 year in business, proof of profitability, and annual revenue of at least $200,000. Those are requirements that are difficult for most new cannabis businesses to meet. 

As a result, many entrepreneurs are searching for companies that offer cannabis loans in the industry. Sometimes less conventional cannabis loans are necessary. Entrepreneurs often need to “think outside the box”when it comes to funding their startup. 

How can you get  cannabis loans to fund a green business?


When financing finally opens up on a national level, the competition will be very high. The green rush is thriving but there is still room to get in before many thousands more launch a startup cannabis business. Cannabis Credit Lines offer cannabis loans and lines of credit. We can get you a hemp business loan, CBD business loan, dispensary loan, or working capital to grow your existing marijuana business.  Timing is crucial!

Cannabis Credit Lines is a cannabis lender that offers several viable options to help you obtain the capital you need to thrive in this booming industry. Your needs are likely unique in this industry and our professional team of financing experts can secure a cannabis loan to fit those needs. We have specialized loans available for new and seasoned businesses within the recreational and medical marijuana sectors.

We offer financing options for startup cannabis businesses including cannabis loans, equipment loans, lines of credit, real estate loans, facility purchase or expansion loans, and much more. Your business can grow with our interest free loans up to 18 months, allowing you time to actually get ahead. 

If you’re looking for a company that offers cannabis loans, then Cannabis Credit Lines is here for you. Our financing is available with your credit score of at least 700. Proof of profitability, accounts receivable, credit card volume, and time in business are irrelevant. Call us today at (888) 699-2298 or Apply online here